Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance

Soft Landscaping is defined as the process of working with landscape elements that do not involve construction. These elements include turf, trees, and shrubs.

Soft Landscape
Soft Landscape

A type of landscaping which prominently uses hard materials, like stone and metals, rather than 'soft' soil and planting.

Hard Landscape
Hard Landscape

Landscape maintenance (or groundskeeping) is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a garden, yard, park, institutional setting or estate.

Outdoor Cleaning
Outdoor Cleaning

Exterior cleaning is the process of cleaning a building's exterior, including the restoration of good hygiene or removal of litter or dirt.

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We are doing Landscape Maintenance Softscape or Soft Landscape and Hardscape or Hard Landscape Maintenance Work.

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Our main function is to provide support to the plant, holding leaves, flowers, and buds; in some cases, stems also store food for the plant.

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