Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance JB

Our landscape maintenance JB services shall include but not be limited to :

  1. Removal of weeds from plantations.
  2. Turf mowing in garden.
  3. Removal with disposal of trash and debris from plantations or parking lots. Remove broken or damaged plants.
  4. Plant trimming to reduce hazardous situation (blocking driver’s line of vision, pedestrian pathways, etc.)
  5. Provide inspection, treatment as needed, for diseases and insect infestations of surrounding areas.
  6. Check irrigation equipment for leakages, breakage, malfunctioning and perform repair services as needed.
  7. Check, maintain irrigation systems for efficient water application to reduce over spraying, eliminating all run offs from leaving the areas. (lesser gardening effort).
  8. Remove cob webs and debris from building structures and signage.
  9. Cleaning patios, benches and outdoor furniture by spray-washing.
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